About Folly

Maybe It Was the Moonshine is the blog of writer, Folly Blaine, who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Let's switch to first person.


You can reach me at follyblaine@gmail.com.


Here's a handy list for getting to know me better:
  • I write speculative fiction. (See Folly's Fiction for published stories.)
  • Folly Blaine is a pseudonym. My real name is Christy, but I'll answer to both.
  • Folly Blaine came out of a dream I had in my teens. I woke repeating, "Folly Blaine is a flower," and with the strong conviction that "Folly Blaine was famous, but no one knew who I was." I ultimately decided to use it as a pen name because Folly Blaine is infinitely more memorable and web searchable than my legal name.
  • I attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle, WA, during the summer of 2014.
  • I narrate stories and novels. As the former Podcast Manager for EveryDayFiction.com, I was responsible for narrating, or working with a guest narrator, to post a new podcast every Monday. Currently, I narrate novels and novellas for audiobook distribution through ACX--iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.
  • I keep a photoblog at On Focus Photo.
  • I read a lot. (See Folly Blaine's Book Emporium for recommendations.)
  • I love to travel. In 2008, I visited Tokyo. In 2010, I went to Paris, Prague, and Rome. In 2012, I went to Salou, Tarragona, and Barcelona in Spain, and Madeira, Portugal.
  • I'm a member of Broad Universe and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association.
  • Sometimes I write plays. Two have been produced in Santa Barbara, California. In 2003, my ten-minute play, Down with Pants, was a finalist for the Actors Theatre of Louisville Heideman Award.
  • I started my first online journal on Geocities/CollegePark in 1996.
  • I had LASIK in February 2005. Wore glasses for 10 years before that.
  • My first job was at Sea World in San Diego, California, as a Park Operations Hostess. I cleaned bathrooms, worked crowd control at Dolphin Stadium/Sea Lion and Otter show/Shark Encounter, and disposed of a lot of cigarette butts.
  • One time I shared an armrest with Viggo Mortensen at a ballet. (I sold him the ticket and sat myself next to him.)
  • One time John Cleese heard me pee. Possibly. He was outside the door and the walls were thin.
  • One time I was in a music video, dancing to Vertical Horizon's song, "You're a God."
  • One time I was on a talk show that no one's ever heard of: Stephanie Miller. She asked the live studio audience what member of the OJ trial would you most want to have a conjugal visit with? I jokingly said, "Judge Ito. He makes me feel like a natural woman. I wonder what's under his robe." For some reason they had me say that on the air. You should also know I was wearing a sleeveless denim dress and oversized glasses. Because I'm awesome. And it was 1995.