Thursday, October 11, 2012

New horror ebook anthology FRESH BLOOD & OLD BONES on sale

I've mentioned this on a few other social media sites, but I haven't given the news its own post yet. So here we go--apologies if this is a repeat:
I'm really excited to announce that I have a story in the new horror ebook anthology, Fresh Blood & Old Bones, edited by Kasey Lansdale. My 4300-word contribution is called, "Last of the Soul Eaters."

The ebook is now on sale and available to review at a variety of venues:

The 18 contributors to Fresh Blood & Old Bones are:

  1. Juan Perez
  2. Neal Barrett Jr.
  3. Tim Bryant
  4. Sheri White
  5. Del Howison
  6. Monica O'Rourke
  7. Scott Cupp
  8. Reid Kerr
  9. Chris N. Brown
  10. Sara Brooke
  11. John Paul Allen
  12. Rhonda Eudaly
  13. Nancy Collins
  14. Folly Blaine
  15. Steve Mertz
  16. Sam W. Anderson
  17. John Everson
  18. Joe Lansdale

If you're wondering about the title, it's meant to represent a mix of newer and more established writers. I fall onto the FRESH BLOOD side. It's a huge honor to be included among so many talented authors, and I'm really enjoying reading all the stories that were chosen. A perfect book for setting the Halloween mood.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Nice job and congratulations!


Folly Blaine said...

Thank you, D! :)

mobin said...

wonderful. go on with.

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