Sunday, February 07, 2010

Songbird? No.

I just treated the cats to a most fantastic rendition of my Broadway skillz -- or lack thereof. Luckily cats are silent in their judgment. Though technically Chiana did howl a bit.

If you're curious, it involved a montage of "all the songs my voice teacher made me sing." Yeah. Still not all that good. I said once, "I have lots of skills, I don't need that one." But you know, I would give up most of them if I could carry a tune. Music is ... everything. And I suck at it.

And that's how I learned about fairness. I opened my mouth and that sound came out.

Trivia question: What is the only song Christy thinks she can sing?

Answer: You're a Grand Ole Flag.

Jer and I are having a ten-year anniversary soon. I'm trying to come up with a plan that does not involve World of Warcraft. Although I suppose we could holiday in Outland or find a secluded dungeon to grab some leet gear.


Dear tomorrow, slow down. Take your time. I'm not ready.

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