Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best expressed through an unordered list

Time for a list. In the last month I:
  • Played racquetball twice with Jer. The second time we gathered an audience of about 8 people... I assume they enjoyed watching me run into the wall repeatedly and hitting myself in the face with the ball.
  • Dyed my hair "chili." It's reddish.
  • Registered to attend a conference for work in May.
  • Saw Mike Doughty perform his Question Jar show at the Triple Door.
  • Worked out at the gym a few times. After a two-year hiatus.
  • Saw "Alice in Wonderland."
  • Ate at a tasty new BBQ place called "Rainin' Ribs BBQ & Smokehouse. It's on Bothell Way, between Kenmore and Lake Forest Park. The dining area has a beautiful view of Lake Washington.
  • Ate at a tasty new delicatessen called Delicatus in Pioneer Square. It's where Longhorn Barbecue used to be.
  • Read a couple of books on meditation.
  • Played too much World of Warcraft.
  • Did our taxes.
  • Found a new bus route that involves a transfer but is much faster.

In general I've been thinking too much or not enough, attempting to focus on things I can control, like breathing. Or laundry. Speaking of which...

1 comment:

Dan said...

Christy, will I still recognize you with chili hair? Thanks for the tips on the dining spots, especially the deli. Could there actually be a decent deli in Seattle? I'll be the judge after trying their corned beef.

Here's something I did not know. If you make a mistake on your taxes even if it's in the government's favor and they catch it, they'll still correct it and send you more money than you were expecting. You don't have to re-file or anything. True story.