Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'll meet you in Reykjavik

Dear the world. So Jer and I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago. We've even gone a few times together, which has been nice. It's nice to have company.

Last Saturday we skipped the gym and walked around Green Lake. It's 2.8 miles around, flat, paved, and pleasant. We saw ducks. I don't understand the rules of movement since everyone seems to do their own thing. One side of the path is supposed to be for wheels and the other for feet -- according to the signs -- but pedestrians here make their own infuriating way.

At lunch I walked over to Pioneer Square and into Art Walk. First, unrelated to Art Walk, I found an illustrated Book of the Dead on a streetcart and picked it up for $3. Then I bought a small matted ink drawing. I'm not sure what it is. I think I'll hang it upside down once I figure out what's right side up.

Now I am looking up Panic at the Disco videos on You Tube. I haven't found one I don't like yet. What a fabulous future we live in.

Okay, this is probably my least favorite video because it's entirely video clips from Jennifer's Body -- though you know, Megan Fox -- and yet I totally dig the song.

To see the video embedded in this post go here.

Maybe I should go to Iceland.

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Maya said...

I've been to Iceland. You should definitely go! I'll meet you there.