Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kindle Question

Until this morning it hadn't occurred to me I might want a Kindle. I am not entirely convinced, but I have found a reason: travel books. I bought a few last week. They are lovely documents, full of maps, and walking tours. And heavy. What if they weren't so heavy? And I could search them with a few clicks?

Oh! That is a very good reason to own a Kindle!

It is even possible to download content in the places I'll be travelling for a small fee. Or I could do it ahead of time, or bring along a USB cable.

I bet there are also some language books I could load on there. And periodicals that might be helpful on a trip.

(It occurred to me I could call it my Hitchhiker's Guide and stick a big "Don't Panic" sticker on it. However, it only took one internet search to see that this was not an original idea...)

So... if you're in the mood, talk to me about your Kindle, or about your not having a Kindle, or about an e-reader other than a Kindle. Is it worth saving up for?


KikiRiki said...

As you probably know, I've posted a couple times about my kindle. I love it. For traveling I think it is perfect.

Now, I don't actually think it takes the place of some of the travel books we took to Europe last fall. The Rick Steves Paris book is fantastic. As are his podcasts for walking tours. And, get a laminated street map for each big city. You'll use it over and over and over again.

KikiRiki said...

We should probably discuss over beers very soon :)

Christy said...

Ha, KikiRiki. Of course you were one of the people I had in mind when I asked this question. Thanks for the info.

And yes, let's get together soon. Maybe next week or the week after? Our busy time of year just ended so I'll be freer now. I'd love to pick your brain.

Maya said...

People keep saying I should get one, but I love the feel and smell of books. Getting a new book is just so thrilling, right? BUT, the points you mentioned about traveling might make it worth it!

Christy said...

Maya, those are the exact thoughts going through my head. I love everything about books -- except when I have to travel light. My strategy up 'til now has been to suck it up and carry everything anyway. But then you add one big lens and that no longer seems like such a good idea.