Friday, June 22, 2012

Deadline Days

Hello! Today is one of those deadline days where all the things I've let creep up on me finally have to be dealt with. Chiana, the gray cat, is at the vet being sedated for a teeth cleaning. I am cleaning the house for guests, or will be soon, and I have a podcast to record. I should also write a story by the end of the month for another workshop I'd like to attend, but that will be a stretch goal.

Deadline days are stressful but they mean I'm much more efficient and motivated. I like them--though I'm pretty sure Chiana doesn't.

It's been a good writing week. On Tuesday I sent out several submissions I'd been sitting on, and as of yesterday I've sent out five submissions this week. For this year that puts me at about 15 rejections, 22 submissions, and 5 publications.

Can't complain about that. Well, not too much. :)

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