Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Submission Statistics 2012

It helps me figure out where I'm going when I remember where I've been. So let's take a post and see how I'm doing with this whole writing thing.

Give or take a few numbers, here are my current submission statistics for 2012:

Submissions: 34

Rejections: 26

Acceptances: 6

Publications: 7

Most of my 2012 publications are linked from my Fiction page, with the exception of three classified ads I contributed to the Spring 2012 Mad Scientist Journal.

By the way, if you haven't heard of the Mad Scientist Journal and are a fan of mad science, the journal is worth checking out. The regular site is and they publish new work every Monday.

Also I don't think I've announced it here yet, but my horror story "Last of the Soul Eaters" was accepted into a new horror anthology edited by Kasey Lansdale called FRESH BLOOD & OLD BONES. (See this Facebook post for the full list of contributors.) I'm excited and honored to have a story included with such excellent writers.

Miscellaneous 2012 Stuff:

Published podcasts: 20 (since April 2012, most are linked on the Podcasts page)

Conventions attended: 6 (listed on the Schedule page)

Interviews: 1 (At Dale Ivan Smith's blog)

I guess that's a good start.


Jeff Chapman said...

Congrats on the accepts and pubs. Wow, you've been to a lot of conventions this year. How do you weigh on the fun versus useful scale?

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Jeff. This is my first year going to conventions, so I've given this some thought. Personally I've found conventions to be both fun and useful, especially since I think networking is always a good idea.

Many of the cons have writing workshops attached, where you can get pro-level feedback on your work: Norwescon, ArmadilloCon, WorldCon, Potlatch, Foolscap. I've also had some neat opportunities that came out of just talking to people.

Will I go to all these cons next year? Nope. But I'll have a better idea which ones are a good fit for my work and I should focus on attending again. Plus it's been pretty inspiring to hear writers I've admired all my life speak on panels or getting the chance to buy them a drink.

Lastly, I've made some really great friends at conventions. We encourage each other and help keep each other motivated.

Your mileage on cons may vary. :)