Thursday, August 01, 2013

Perfect Attendance Awards are my favorite awards

Hi! I thought maybe I should post when I'm in a good mood for once. So here I am.


It's true though. Inner conflict makes for more interesting reading. Yet somehow I'm sure we'll muddle through.

Since I've been back from the Cascade Writers Workshop I've mostly been in recovery mode. I stumbled in to work out with my wonderful personal trainer on Monday morning and managed to say goodbye to our houseguests before the happy couple hit the road. On Tuesday I attended the last Clarion West "reading" of the summer, although in this case it was Ellen Datlow being interviewed by Eileen Gunn so really more of a conversation. Really enjoyed that. That evening also marked three years in a row I haven't missed a single event in the Clarion West Summer Reading Series.

Not that I'm counting or anything. Or expect to win some sort of perfect attendance award.

Unless that's a thing that exists. And then I want it.

No new acceptances to report. One of my stories made it to the second round of readings at a pro market for the second time, but that won't mean much to anyone but me. It's funny how your definition of success becomes a sliding scale after enough rejections. But hey, that just means I'm still in the game, right?

See? Good mood. Coffee helps. So does bouncy music.

Also, today is the first day of my birthday month. Since time goes by so quickly now, I've decided to just extend the single day to a month to get my money's worth. Sounds fair. Because Leos rule. Everybody else drools. (Except you, of course. Of course! Your wit, your charm, your fashion choices--not to mention your excellent posture--are above reproach.)

This coffee is seriously amazing. Combined with Blues Traveler's "Canadian Rose," I feel positively jubilant. Don't worry readers, serious Folly will be back before you know it. She is always there in the shadows, waiting. Like a...puma? Hm.

Happy Thursday, everybody. Never forget how nice you smell.


Milo James Fowler said...

Hey, we celebrate birthday months too! And anniversary month. And Christmas month. I'm with you on leveling up at pro-zines -- it definitely shows we're making progress.

Anonymous said...

From Darren Godfrey: I wish I could go to half the places you do, Folly.

(Love Blues Traveler.)