Monday, July 29, 2013

Folly's First Cascade Writers Workshop

I've just returned from my first Cascade Writers Workshop and figured I'd throw out a few thoughts before stepping back into real life. This was my first workshop with Cascade Writers and it was pretty freakin' awesome -- to hit you with some fancy writerly terms.

My critique group consisted entirely of talented writers. The leader of our group was extremely generous with her time and expertise. I went to some interesting panels, and bonded with people on missions in search of food away from the hotel. The dessert/drinks jaunt to McMenamin's Kennedy School was a highlight, for sure. So many incredibly talented and funny people gathered around two old desks in the basement of a converted elementary school watching shuffleboard, discussing apoptosis (programmed cell death) and inventing sweet-dry vermouth.

But let's not kid ourselves. Really the star of the night was bread pudding.

If there's just one thing I'd suggest to the workshop organizers for next year, it would be this: figure out a way to extend the average length of a solar day on Earth.

Fifty hours should cover it.

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