Friday, January 03, 2014

Achieving website non-bloat

How is it that just my right hand gets cold when I'm typing? Both hands contribute equally, and yet the right is a veritable ice sculpture while the left remains a tepid puddle.

So here I am, again, at the dining room table. I'm working on a new short story--in and of itself a minor miracle--and trying to ignore all the things my brain says I should do instead.

Like write blog posts, obviously.

For some reason I've also decided it's more important (than writing) to tediously save a bunch of recipes to my desktop from an old website on angelfire that I've consulted many times over the years. I loved the site, but all the angelfire popups have finally made the site unusable because each page takes forever to load, so I had the bright idea of saving all content off-line and removing the ads manually so I could keep using the site as reference. It's working great except there are over 1,000 recipes to save and update and I am not savvy enough to use grep or other magic editing tool. To be clear, I'm not removing any copyright info or obscuring origin info, and the ads don't benefit the content creator, just the hosting company.

I just really want to be able to browse the site without bloat!

Anyway. The process has actually been kind of soothing. Some people craft, I make off-line copies of really useful web sites that haven't been updated in three years and will probably disappear soon.

The plan for today is to write, read, edit more recipes, record a podcast, and watch some TV. I'd add "work out" to the mix, but honestly I'm afraid of the gym in January, what with all the resolutioners resolutioning. Better to focus on the writing this morning and then tackle the treadmill.

Following that logic, it's back to MS Word.


Dan said...

Have you tried Google Chrome with the Ad Block plug-in? It works great to eliminate most online ads.

Folly Blaine said...

Doesn't seem to make much difference for me. I tried Google Chrome with Ad Block after using IE 9. Angelfire is just its own special kind of snowflake.