Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014, and Hello Again

Happy New Year!

I always feel extra hopeful around the start of the year, like the slate has been wiped clean and I'm free to attempt some crazy new goal without judgment.

This feeling also explains why I tend towards depression around February, when the reality of my repeated failures sinks in, but that's not important right now. Now is the time to compartmentalize!

Last year my focus was on health and I made some huge strides in that area. I met with a nutritionist, learned how to prepare and cook vegetables, worked with a personal trainer and made all the bad numbers move in a good direction.

This year I need to get back to writing. And I need to get a job. Those are my goals in a nutshell, although they are better defined than that off-line. You'll just have to trust me.

So now I'm sitting at the dining room table, listening to the dishwasher whoosh and what-not. The curtains are closed. It appears (via gaps between the fabric, the wall, and the window) to be sunny and cold, always cold now, but a moderate cold. And I am not hungover, which means today is already miles better than yesterday, assuming happiness is measured in miles and not kilometers--miles sounds more like smiles, leading me to believe my instinct is correct--and the holidays have left me with a new pile of books to read, music to consume, and movies to deaden my sockets.

As for my traditional New Year's Wish: May 2014 bring you everything you desire and only some of what you deserve.

And we're off.

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