Saturday, December 12, 2009

A birthday and synchronized swimming

Pesky sun is shining directly on my monitor, making it difficult to read the screen. Don't let it fool you though, it's only thirty degrees out there.

Today is Jeremy's birthday, so I expect we will be doing something he wants to do. I may make a kahlua cake and he may force me to ride around on the back of his motorcycle. We do these things for love.

We've been playing World of Warcraft again. He plays a druid; I play a rogue. This is handy because we can both stealth up to creatures and then beat the crap out of them. We hit 38 last night and I would like to see us at level 40 before Monday -- or at least before the winter fest holiday starts on the 15th in-game. As you can see, the stakes are high.

For an hour this morning I watched synchronized swimming on the Canadian station. I was surprised to find it fascinating. When the China team made a snake out of their arms and legs and then rose out of the water... wow. I discovered strong feelings I didn't know I had about the scoring process, particularly when the judges marked them lower than (I thought) they deserved. Also, I found myself wondering who was the first person to think this was a good idea -- I mean, it's cool they took the concept and ran with it to create this physically demanding, artistic experience, but how did that person convince others to do it too? And then make it an Olympic event no less?

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Maya said...

My partner and I play Farmville. You and your guy play World of Warcraft. Is this how modern day couples bond? Well, geeky ones perhaps. ;-)