Thursday, June 03, 2010

Design-near, Design-far

I've discovered Hulu Desktop and it's fantastic. (Special thanks to Jer.) I'm watching the last few episodes of the 4th season of HGTV's Design Star. We got rid of cable around the time I started getting into it, and even though I know who won, I'm still excited to finally see it.

It doesn't hurt that we just received several boxes from today, including some new curtains. Whee! Curtains.

Getting excited about curtains cements my stodgy old grownupness, doesn't it. Well, tough.

One of the crazy things about having a house is that I can CHANGE stuff. In the decade or so of renting apartments I never even painted a wall. I didn't bother accessorizing. What's the point? I wasn't going to make improvements to someone else's income property.

And now I hover around the discount home web sites, order things on sale that arrive in discrete cardboard boxes, annoying Jer with their arrival.

Now maybe one of these days we'll replace the hand-me-down furniture with something made in this century. A stodgy old grownup can dream.

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MommaJen said...

We've owned our house for almost 7 years and we still have some hand-me down furniture (to Greg's dismay). Some day we'll have that stodgy old grown-up house you speak of! :)