Saturday, June 05, 2010

Only the TV pins me down

One of the nicest things about living in Seattle is that when the sun comes out, you appreciate it. All the green plants glow, the birds sing, squares of light magically appear on your carpet -- which the cats, if you have them, find and collapse on -- and the sky turns a fabulous shade of blue.

Of course I'm sitting inside, watching "House Hunters International." That makes sense.

I'm hoping today we get around to hanging a couple of paintings. I hesitate only because they're in sections (one painting is 3 canvases and the other is 5 canvases) and will be hung fairly high on the walls. We're waiting on two other paintings and once they're all up I'll take a picture or two. I've read it's preferable to hang art at eye-level, but I will not be pinned down by such crazy conventions.

Saturdays are my oasis. Everything is possible.

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