Monday, June 21, 2010

Sick day, call the wahhhmbulance

I woke up Saturday morning with a stiff neck. It was bad this time, and I've spent most of the last couple of days flinching or propped up with a heating pad. There were grand plans for the weekend, but mostly I just watched Jer replace the light fixtures in the hallway and hang curtains in two rooms. I read. I watched TV. I tried not to move too much.

I suspect this happened because I haven't been exercising. This is the first sign, the next will be when body parts start falling off.

Jer set up a new media machine (with Internet) next to the TV, so we've been able to watch Hulu at will. It's been great. We were able to watch Rick Steves' Europe episodes of Paris, Rome, and Prague. Then I went onto YouTube and watched some language intros for Czech and French. It's amazing what you can access for free. In related news, Czech is hard. Doh-bree den.

Oh, there goes a toe. I should probably walk around the block.

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