Saturday, July 10, 2010

New dining table and updated photoblog

We ordered a dining table and chairs yesterday, which means for the first time in my life I will have made a choice and not been subject to the whims of kitchen table fate -- having made conscious decisions on style and color, with a tape measure and a rough diagram, I will have designed this space, by gum. And it will work.

Or it won't. I'm easy.

We also checked out some upholstery fabric to see how color works in the room. The bad news is it may take up to 5 months to receive the sofa we like, but after a life-time of waiting that doesn't seem so bad. I'm leaning towards an orange fabric.

I didn't know I was an orange person, yet there it is. I have an orange hallway upstairs and soon I will likely have an orange couch. This particular orange should look nice with the gray-green walls and dark wood. Well, that's the plan anyway.

I'm supposed to be cleaning. I'm taking a break after pruning back bushes, watering the lawn, and hacking up some ivy that was trying to escape. On this "break" I've been going through my photoblog and adding tags since my old tag plug-in doesn't work with WordPress 3.0. Oh, and I upgraded to WP3.0. Chose a new template. Fun stuff. Way more fun than cleaning.

If you know anyone who wants a nice pub table with two chairs or a functional kitchen table with four chairs, I'd love to hear from you. I keep meaning to post them for sale on Craig's List...

Ugh. Time to clean a bathroom.

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MommaJen said...

We are still at the whims of kitchen table fate. I happen to like this one (it was great-grandma Ball's) but Greg's not a fan. Maybe some day we too will make our own choice!

Pea green is the color I've been surprised to find I like. Enjoy your orange!