Sunday, October 17, 2010

A cross-post and Lightroom praise

I've been awake since 3am, however I went to sleep at 3pm the day before so don't give me any sympathy. Jet-lag still appears to be an issue.

With all my free quiet time, I fired up a series of Lightroom tutorials. I've owned the product for over a year and never used it. Such inertia. And now I come to find out it's an awesome application, with so much going on. I am mightily impressed.

I won't cross-post too many of these, but here's what I just put up on the photoblog after using Lightroom for the first time:

Eiffel Tower at Twilight, Couple

Maybe you are wondering where are my Europe trip updates and I will tell you. Since I returned I've been writing a narrative of our adventures, which I plan to post incrementally. The words have taken longer than expected, and then I plan to insert photos as well, so it's a beast.

I love October in Seattle. I wonder if I can persuade Jer to go to the Elysian with me today and have some pumpkin beer on tap.


Maya said...

I've been using Lightroom for awhile now, but really need to learn more of it's features. I brought my book on Lightroom back with me from the States, but now I have to sit down and actually read it!

Beautiful shot!

Christy said...

Maya, thanks! I found these online Lightroom tutorials really useful:

They may be too basic though if you've been using it awhile.