Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading, a lot of the time

I am still hip deep in changing (stubborn) behaviors -- behaviors that are fragile at the best of times. Talking about it will likely scare my progress away, so what's safe?

I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Tully's Evergreen Blend is my current favorite. Drinking it now.

The biographies and autobiographies I ordered through are slowly trickling into my mailbox, making everyday feel like my birthday. Ben Franklin's autobiography came two days ago, then the Shirley Jackson bio came yesterday. I am looking forward to today!

The best part about is I didn't pay more than $2 for most books (plus media mail shipping). The most expensive was a hardback for around $6 and that was a splurge. Sorting through dusty stacks has its benefits, but sometimes you just want what's on your list with minimal fuss.

Unfortunately I cannot read fast enough to keep up with what I've received so far, so I am about 10 pages into roughly 8 different books. At least 8, my head hurts trying to count them. There's one about language, one about archaeology, almost done with Murakami's "The Elephant Vanishes" - only one story left - and rereading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the Charlie Munger Almanack one.

Then there are the short story collections. One of just Hemingway stories and one with a bunch of other authors. And also Shirley Jackson's "We Have Always Lived in the Castle." (I was so excited to find that at a used bookstore last week after searching for it used for ages. It's so good!) And "The Power of Myth" transcript. How could I forget that?

Yep, that about covers it. As T.H. White wrote in "The Once and Future King":

Look what a lot of things there are to learn.


AZGypsie said...

The Once and Future King is one of my favorite reads. My step mom had it in her library and offered it to me to read. I fell madly in love and actually did a reading out of the first few chapters for an Oral Interpretation class in high school (a long, long time ago!). Love that book!

Christy said...

It is a great book! I read the quote first (I've used it in my blogger profile for years now) and then tracked down the book because of it.