Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Traffic and ArmadilloCon, Unrelated

Traffic Jam on I-5 South, Waiting for the President, July 24, 2012

On my way downtown for the Chuck Palahniuk reading at Town Hall last night, I got stuck in traffic--and not just any traffic. All cars were stopped from about 5:50pm until 6:18pm. Thankfully the radio let me know that the President's motorcade had closed down the freeway because of a fundraiser or something, so at least I knew it wasn't the end of the world and there was no reason to jump off the bridge I was on and swim for freedom.

The reading was fantastic, by the way. Worth sitting for a half hour with my engine turned off. In addition to reading a couple of amazing stories, Chuck Palahniuk gave away fifty stuffed tigers and had a contest for making balloon babies. It was an experience.

Tomorrow I get on a plane for my first ArmadilloCon and I'm pretty excited. I'll be at the writer's workshop most of Friday and then on Saturday afternoon I'll get to read for five minutes at the Broad Universive Rapid Fire Reading (I'm a late addition so I won't be in the program). The piece I'm thinking of reading is five minutes exactly, but that doesn't give me much breathing room. (I recorded the story for a future Every Day Fiction podcast, so that's how I know the exact length.)

(I enjoy parantheses.)

I don't know what kind of internet access I'll have while I'm away, so you may or may not be hearing from me for a bit. So I'll mention now that I have a story coming out in the July issue of Short, Fast, and Deadly any day now. The story is called "The Pragmatic Groom" and is around 75 words long.

Happy end of July.

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