Monday, July 02, 2012

Visitors, readings, and Prometheus

Our last round of visitors returned home after a fun, exhausting week and now we are ramping up for our next batch. Mostly this involves washing linens and vacuuming.

I have a couple small writing projects I'd like to finish by week's end and tomorrow night I'm going to go see George R.R. Martin read at Town Hall (Seattle.) It'll be my second time seeing him speak at that venue and I look forward to it. You can read about Martin's previous talk here.

Jer and I watched Prometheus last night. I went in with low expectations since most of the reviews I'd read weren't great. And without spoilers I can say there were some interesting things going on--I particularly liked certain actions made by the heroine--but also some odd storytelling choices. I am all for not explaining every detail but I do believe the story world should have some internal consistency or logic, and I felt like there were failures on that account. But I also thought it was beautiful and made me excited about the possibilities of space travel in a way that only movies like "Pitch Black" and "Sunshine" can do. I'm glad I saw it.

And yes, I understood the film takes place on a different planet than the Alien movies. That wasn't my problem.

Vague, enough?

I spent most of my weekend learning about podcasts and posting opportunities--specifically how to create a podcast-only feed using PodPress and WordPress. I've learned so much in the few months I've been volunteering at Every Day Fiction. It's definitely a trial by fire sort of thing, but I really enjoy the challenge.

Speaking of which, check out my newest reading of J. Chris Lawrence's story "Collateral Damage." Post-apocalyptic, for the win!


Eliza said...

I had problems with consistency, too. A lot of things that happened just...didn't add up. Which was unfortunate, because as you said, it was *very* pretty.

None of which excuses the glaring, ridiculous scene wherein the two women are running away from the spaceship, and can't seem to understand the idea of turning left. I almost threw my popcorn at the screen.

Folly Blaine said...

Yeah...or the dude who made the map getting lost. I agreed with what these guys had to say about the movie: