Monday, February 25, 2013

New podcasts, writing a new short story

A couple new podcasts to tell you about. I had the opportunity to record "The Prisoner's Missive" by Michelle Strackmann, as discovered by Mark Floyd. This story presents a scholarly approach to superhumans--and has fulfilled my previously unknown desire to use "meta-entropic" in a sentence. Runs 20 minutes.

Listen to "The Prisoner's Missive"

And today at Every Day Fiction Podcasts I read Sally York's "Saving Nimoy." I love this kind of subtle story that keeps a reader wondering up to its powerful last line. Runs 7 minutes.

Listen to "Saving Nimoy"

In writing news, I'm working on a short story. It's been slow going, but I think I've finally got the general shape so that's a (tentative) relief.

And lastly, I created a Google+ page for Folly Blaine. Look me up if you'd like.

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