Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspired by the logo bean

Time to start a new experiment. Yesterday I bought six packets of flower seeds and a starter kit for a small windowsill herb garden.

Let's back up a step. One of the swag items I brought home from the conference was a small cylindrical container filled with soil and a logo bean -- the bean is stamped with a company logo. The idea is you plant it, care for it, and stare at the logo -- also on the outside of the container -- while it grows. You are probably supposed to associate nurturing, care-giver type feelings with the company's name, and I don't know about that. All I know is, I love watching the little pale tendril curling up and pushing out of the soil.

I haven't planted anything from seed in years and I don't know how it'll go. I have, however, been keeping all the house plants alive. I fertilized and seeded the lawn to mostly good results. I just might be ready for the next step.

Though I don't really like this whole lawn weeding business. Be gone, weeds.

Jer and I also bought 4 concrete blocks to raise the level of our rain barrel, which is still overturned on the side yard. We still need to figure out how we want to modify the gutters.

I am swiftly entering areas I know nothing about. Sir Google may be lending a hand soon.

A year ago this week we entered into mutual acceptance with the seller of our home, and lined up the inspection. Although we didn't get to move in until August, I can't figure out how a year has already passed. I am continually grateful and awed that we live in such a wonderful place. Even if it means my car is now growing its own moss cover.

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