Friday, October 28, 2011

My first day of wfc 2011

Hola. It is the morning of day two at the World Fantasy Convention, and I am about to venture out into the world for breakfast. To sum up my experience so far: I am in awe of the wonderful writers, fans, and creative types everywhere. I'm having a great time.

(I've been taking pictures with my fancy camera as I can, but I won't be able to offload those until I get home. So I may post a few from my iPhone if they're worth posting.)

Yesterday I went to a panel on dystopian societies in YA fiction and had a chance to meet urban fantasy author, John Pitts, which was very cool. (Check out his story "The Harp" in 10Flash Quarterly -- 10Flash is also the place to read my story, "The Truth About Woodpeckers")

John Pitts is on the far right

Then I went to the opening ceremonies where brief introductions were made by Neil Gaiman, Parke Godwin, Shawna McCarthy, Val Ontell, Ruth Sanderson, and Connie Willis.

Later there was an interesting live animal demonstration by the San Diego Zoo -- I took lots of photos. I'll post a link here when they're ready next week. Armadillos, pangolins, not-bear-cats (a Binturong actually), oh my.

Still later there were a couple of other panels and hanging out at the bar.


I'm losing steam here at the end of this entry. Thank you for not noticing.

I guess that means it's time to drain this hotel room coffee cup and find real food.

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