Monday, October 17, 2011

Steamcon day 2 and 3 with photos

Before I show you the pictures I took with my iPhone, I have one disclaimer. My outfits are bare minimum acceptable. The amount of work and creativity people put into this event was unbelievable and awesome and inspiring. If you ever have the opportunity to attend Steamcon or other steampunk convention, do it! I had a great time, even without knowing what I was getting myself into.

My outfit, day 2 of Steamcon

Full-length view of my outfit, day 2 of Steamcon

A panel on 19th Century Firearms featured about 40 rifles, muskets, and pistols, plus a homemade Gatling gun.

A sabre demonstration.

Gorgeous backs of Victorian dresses

Cool military Steampunk style

A group photo on the stairs of the Hyatt

Day 3 of Steamcon

My outfit, day 3

Author K.W. Jeter (who coined the term Steampunk) and illustrator, Gary Gianni discussing "The Spark of Invention"

My friend, iapetus999

Cool steampunk stilts

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