Monday, October 31, 2011

My first World Fantasy Convention and how it went

Where to even start?

How about 38,000 feet in the air, since that's where I was two hours ago.

I'm back in Seattle, home from my first World Fantasy Convention in San Diego, CA. And it was...

On Twitter I called it a "wonderful dream," even though I knew it sounded twee. I can only think of these big, sweeping adjectives that don't mean anything. Fun, inspiring, awesome. Vague, all-encompassing epithets, that fail to capture the experience. It's like trying to carve a face into a chunk of wood and whittling it down into vapor.

Or maybe that's the sleep-deprivation talking.

I spent the weekend in the same rooms as my heroes. I heard them speak and read and argue. I shook their hands. I made new connections, I saw incredible art and heard exciting stories read by the people who wrote them. I closed my eyes and listened to the words and imagined I could see the structures falling into place.

I'm not sure I can describe this experience without becoming dangerously twee. So I apologize for that. I do understand they were all just people, real people with problems and faults, and by calling them "heroes" it sounds as if I've put them on an unreachable pedestal. I don't mean that. By heroes I mean people whose work I respect and admire.

That's about all I have. Everyone was accessible and welcoming. I learned a lot attending panels and I learned a lot just sitting around talking to people, especially on those late nights when I should have remembered a warmer jacket, but instead sat on the edge of my lawn chair shivering, sipping my drink, and nodding like a bobblehead.

Yes, if you're wondering, it was worth every penny.


Emily said...

Dear Folly/Christy,

Your buddy from the Neil Gaiman line here - was great meeting you! I have now found your blog and will cheer you on from the side lines as you become famous :))

Em -Dust

Folly Blaine said...

Yay. I'm glad you found me -- especially since I left you clues everywhere. :) I shipped your art and I can't wait to hang it on my wall.

Wait. I just realized I recognize your work! Seriously just now when I clicked through the link on your site. The art I bought accompanied Cat Rambo's story, which I read, on the Intergalactic Medicine Show site. (You told me about it but I didn't make the connection about which story.) Which is also a strange coincidence because Cat is the reason I was able to go to World Fantasy -- I bought her husband's ticket two weeks ago. I can't believe I didn't notice this before... This is just awesome.

Dale Ivan Smith said...

Well said. I agree. WFC was terrific. Meeting you at the con was part of why this was a worthwhile event. Happy writing!

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Dale! I appreciate that. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to hang out. I'll be ready to post the portrait I took of you in the next day or so. Happy writing to you, too!

Emily said...

That is a very cool coincidence ;) Glad you don't have buyers remorse. And by the way I think 3 published stories in six months is super awesome, keep at it!