Friday, January 25, 2013

Let them eat celery

I met with the nutritionist and we spent about an hour talking about what I hoped to accomplish and the basics of nutrition. Notes were taken, homework was assigned, and here I am. I have another appointment next week to go over meal plans she's suggesting based on twenty pages of questionnaire and all the talking.

The next day I met with a trainer for orientation at my new gym. It went well. The muscle soreness didn't kick in until the next day. I ended up signing up for more sessions so my body will just have to deal.

Speaking of my body, it is still adjusting to the changes I've made this week, so it's too soon to tell what effect they'll have. I'm tracking food on Weight Watchers eTools, and have added a lot of fruit and vegetables to my diet. The nutritionist is having me eat three stalks of celery every day, and I've found a Greek olive and garlic hummus that makes the celery palatable.

One day at a time.

I'm rewriting a story for submission--I mentioned this in the last entry. The process is slow going, but I just passed the halfway point of the 5,800-word story. I have revised this story many many times since the first draft last September, but I'm now addressing some big problems with the main character's motivation and I think the whole thing will read stronger as a result. It's tedious work, but also a good learning experience.

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