Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Abstract Appetite

I don't know jack about nutrition. Invariably, the thing I think is safe to eat is cancer causing or mad cow friendly or otherwise going to make me die fat and ugly and alone. So, based entirely on his stint on Celebrity Fit Club, I bought Dr. David Katz's book "The Way to Eat." And hey, it's pretty good.

It's one of those things I should've learned in school. Something useful, like how to play the stock market or how to excel at middle management... or cock-fighting. Because no one should have to learn about cock-fighting on the streets. And wouldn't that be a great school motto? Or a mascot? Or a Lifetime movie?

Which brings me back to crunchy bran twigs and Omega-3 enriched eggs and whole wheat bread (yuck.) To reward myself for being so good lately, I've been supplementing my "daily dessert" with lots of rum. This eating right crap isn't so bad, as long as I've got my buckets of rum.

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