Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Metal Fan: Explained

A co-worker's last day was Thursday, and we all wanted to do something special. Because he can't sit still without a fan blowing on him and he loves heavy metal music, the Metal Fan sorta suggested itself. We bought rhinestones, epoxy, beer stickers, and metal magazines. I decopauged the crap outta that fan. [Fear my l33t Mod Podge skills.] Sadly, no one I worked with had ever heard of Mod Podge, so I spent far too much time preaching to the people about the wonders of this clear-drying uber substance. And we bought him good Tequila, in case the Metal Fan fell flat on its face. But then how could it... it's the Metal Fan!

The photos were taken with my new camera, which I love. Love. To the point where it makes me forget why grammar and spelling are important. The ebay seller didn't send me the right USB cable but I've got other ways to get my pictures. Magical ways.

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