Thursday, April 14, 2005

Making Light of It

I had a lot of anger today. Nothing specific, you know, just the deranged lunatic work inappropriate kinda anger.

Maybe I'll lobby to change my job title to Rogue Agent. No reason.

I skipped the gym after work. First time this week. My excuse was that I need to write a bunch of pages before Saturday and I've been slacking. I'd like to try out my camera on Saturday, but before I get to do that I've got a little matter of a play to write. Or at least five pages.

I'm not in a rewriting mood.

I'm listening to the Chenille Sisters & James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band, "Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?" I'm hoping I'll quit taking myself so seriously with the appropriate background music playing. There's a lot of harmonizing coming out my speakers right now, and a lot of jazz. I'm pretty sure that despite their happy bubbliness, the artists are pure evil. There's just something a little off about their version of "Button Up Your Overcoat...or Satan Will Eat You and Grind Your Bones to Dust"

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