Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mental Health Improved

I was tired of feeling pissy, so BF and I got in the car and went on an adventure. First we found Nojoqui Falls, which were lost. The short path one generally takes from the freeway was subject to closure, so we took the longcut through Solvang. Driving down oak lined paths and listening to radio static, I was most impressed by the crushed snake on the side of the road, flies swarming in a thick cloud above it. I would have stopped to take a picture, but it seemed disrespectful, and also, the road was curvy and narrow and remote and the flies were awfully thick. It was orange and white and black I think, striped.

An hour later we were at Firestone, drinking a pint. I bought mustard. They have delicious mustard.

Then we drove to Arby's, where I was tempted by advertising. But as luck would have it, the Grande Combo Plate is grand but consumable. We walked it off at "Best Buy," then headed for the dunes.

I had no preconceived notions about the dunes. I'm not sure it even occurred to me I'd be sludging through so much sand, and driving over sand, and sinking into sand... But it was nice, even though all the dunes are preserved and you see them off in a distance as you find the parking lot. They're preserved for the snowy plover and the California Least Tern. And heck, those birds were everywhere. Along with ladybugs.

Because I was unhappy with our first dunes adventure, we drove north a few miles and found another beach with another suggested donation fee but no enforcement. We parked in a sand lot and hiked out to the beach via the convenient boardwalk. It was chilly, but provided ample opportunities to test my camera.

We stopped at "Best Buy" again on the way home, and left empty-handed. Later we watched "Shaun of the Dead," and drank and rum-and-cokes and by the end of the day, I'd cured my pissiness. The end.

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