Thursday, June 30, 2005

Beer Me

Louie, the blue parakeet, saw the vet on Wednesday. He was, if you remember, attacked by Chiana the vicious kitten a week ago. The vet said Louie should live if he makes it through the next few days. He's got some antibiotics and lots of heat, which the vet says helps. So there you go.

I applied for four jobs tonight. I'm smug about that...

... though I continue to be angered by how my current place of employment is dragging out the layoffs. We've got two site meetings scheduled for next week. And I tell ya, it is hard to buckle down and get stuff done. It seems I'd much rather stare at the cubicle wall or make frequent restroom visits or talk to my co-workers in hushed tones about the latest rumors. By now, we know we're closing. We just don't know if we'll be offered relocation packages or just cut loose.

To keep my mind off it all, I'm resurrecting the dirty limerick as high art.

All the jobs I'm applying for are in Seattle. I've given some thought to applying to the University of Washington, Masters program in Technical Communication. I know someone who went through it, and he speaks highly of the experience... I'm just not keen on going back to school. Too much debt. Too much time. But oh, it'd launch me from the ranks of partially trained technical writer like nobody's business.

Eh. There's so many unknowns right now. Part of the fun is dreaming.

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