Thursday, June 02, 2005

Home Sweet Home

It's bedtime, and I'm home. The laundry is done, the alarm is set, and I'm ready to work my one day this week, which happens to be Friday. Jer and I had an incredible time in Yosemite. We saw a bear, four deer, and an assload of squirrels. We rode bikes all along the valley floor, hiked in snow to the top of Sentinel Dome, and ate an excellent meal at the Mountain Room, Yosemite Lodge. I'm sunburned, itchy, and a little greasy, but in a good way.

I took over 600 photos. Most of them are crap.

We were lucky. It was a banner year for precipation in the valley. The waterfalls were in full force. One of the many highlights of this trip was sitting at the base of Bridalveil Falls, ankle deep in water, staring up into the falls, buffeted by sheets of water, soaked and grinning, then to hobble down the path, barefoot and drenched as passersby looked simultaneously shocked and excited. And only a few hours before, we'd watched a young man slide down the side of Sentinel Dome, using his jacket as a sled, skidding across a thick layer of snow. Words don't do it justice. At least the ones I'm using.

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