Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Things are weird. It's just a whirlwind of nastiness out there. Jobs threatened, car crashes, terminal illness, you name it, I can six-degrees or less it. I know it usually blows over, but there's always that lingering shadow of a thought: what if it doesn’t?

My situation should reveal itself in a month, and everybody else is used to this sort of thing. I'm in the private sector now, be afraid, work harder! There's no government funding to fall back on... but we've got the lion's share of melodrama. Infinite melodrama.

Suck it up, kid.

So it's not Friday yet, in case you were wondering. I wish it was. I scheduled a smog check for bright and early tomorrow morning, and insisted I sit and wait for it to be done. Last time I dropped off the car and came back a few (more like 8) hours later to be informed that they hadn't done it. "Our smog guy never showed." Thanks a bunch, asshole. So of course, being the loyal consumer that I am, I'm taking the car back to them. I don't know why. I think it's because the phone number was within reaching distance. And I'm lazy. Hey, at least my expectations can't get lower!

Warning, WoW update: I bought a mount last night for my level 35 Tauren Warrior. Huzzah! Although the purchase itself was bittersweet, because now my guildmates know I've got lots of gold. And this has turned them all into me4t begz0rs. The end.

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