Tuesday, April 28, 2009

don't forget to pack your sentence fragements

It's my first night of vacation, and I couldn't stay away from the computer. Hi! I left work about 6:45pm and walked over to Elliott Bay Book Co., just as it started to drizzle.

I remember the first time Jer and I visited in 2003, when we came up here for a vacation. I thought, this store is just what a bookstore should be; I hope I make it back someday. And now I work a mere few blocks away.

That's what I call visualizing my future!

Upstairs, an odd group of people were engaged in a deep conversation about Hell and women and childbirth and Dante. They were the sort of people who are probably perfectly nice, but take the word "pontificate" to new and unwholesome levels. I felt a little dirty just crouched in the stacks trying to find a travel guide and I left convinced I would never find a book club that didn't make me cringe.

I ended up with two travel guides on New Orleans and, because I celebrate being a walking cliche, I bought a Sookie Stackhouse novel. (It's what True Blood is based on, and it's about vampires in the South.) I've also packed a P.G. Wodehouse novel because I've never read about Jeeves.

Now I'm drinking a cup of coffee with Bailey's, sort of watching HGTV, and recharging batteries. Because it's not traveling if you don't have 6 kinds of electronics in your bag. Apparently.

Also a monopod.

I am not expecting to have internet access where I'm going, so I will have to bid you adieu. I promise to eat some beignets for you and go to the Central Grocery. With hope the humidity will not make me melt.

See ya next week.


Rachel said...

Hey! Did you need any recommendations on New Orleans? I could email you...just got back again a few weeks ago.

Christy said...

I emailed you back. That'd be awesome.

Maya said...

I just left Nawlins a few days ago! I hope you have more luck there than we did. Of course, we weren't there long enough to do the city proper. The food was good though! Have fun!