Sunday, April 26, 2009

where did april go?

I'll be on a plane in a few days, sleeping between strange sheets, slowing my metabolism with booze, and possibly getting into trouble. Fortunately, Jer has a calming influence on my wacky adventures, so maybe it won't be so bad.

Do you have any New Orleans suggestions? I'd be happy to hear them.

Last week we learned we were pre-approved for a mortgage loan so this afternoon we met with a Redfin field agent and looked at 4 homes. By far my favorite is a complete fixer upper, but very charming. It would take too much money and time to "fix it" though. My next favorite is very nice and has everything we wanted -- though it didn't exactly pull at my heartstrings. I don't know. I could love it and it'd be a great investment in a fantastic neighborhood. I'll sleep on it and hope no one else snatches it up before I make a decision.

I'm terrible at shopping around. Terrible. So much pressure. I have to keep reminding myself that we've only just started looking, there will be more homes, and we have plenty of time. I am more of the type who says, I want that, and then doesn't think about anything else for awhile, which is okay for a pair of shoes but not so great for a house.

Jer and I have rented three apartments together, and except for our current place, I always picked the first place I looked at.

Oh well. The more time we wait, the more we can save...


George said...

New Orleans.

Great place to eat that's not too too expensive is Upperline in the Garden District:

Famous true New Orleans place that's till trying to recover from Katrina is Dooky Chase. Not sure if they're open for dinner yet. I got to interview the incredible owner Leah Chase when she was out this way this year:

Susan Spicer's great restaurant the more expensive/fancy Bayona:

or the more bistro-ish Herbsaint run by one of her disciples:

And if you want to go for the upcoming celeb chef (as opposed to all the Emeril places), try the one run by John Besh:

Then for cheaper, quicker, very good food:
and The Central Grocery for the original muffaletta

As for cocktails, and not that ridiculous Hurricane concoction....

There's nothing like a drink at the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone where Faulkner used to drink. It's a great place for a Vieux Carre:

If you want to get a great Pimm's Cup, go to Napoleon House:

And the best Sazerac, in a gorgeous room, too, is at the Sazerac Bar in the Fairmont Hotel:

Oh, and if you want a laid-back beer bar with lots of wonderful craft beers on tap, plus lots of great whisky etc, go to dba (there's one in Manhattan, too):


Christy said...

George... this is incredible. Thank you so much! You always make the best recommendations. :)