Sunday, April 05, 2009

Too good to be true

I read on the West Seattle Blog a couple of weeks ago that the water taxi would be running late M-F starting this year. But then I just checked the official schedule and it's the same as last year -- only running late on Fridays and game nights.

Major major bummer.

I don't care where the mixup happened, but it was nice for just a moment to think public transportation would finally get me home, both during mid-day AND at night. (The 37 only runs one way during commuter hours, 5:45 - 9am or so and then 3:30 to 7pm)

If I'm building a list of things I won't miss about living here, not being able to get home except during two commuting windows would top it.

Oh well. I'm still excited to ride the boat -- though you should be able to tell that already since my primary concern is that I won't get to ride it ENOUGH.


Tracy @ WSB said...

Sorry to hear that previous schedule was wrong ... and to have raised false hope. Makes more sense to us too; we've gone downtown for stories and have had to arrange other ways to get home if it happens to go beyond weeknight commuting time. (And our neighborhood bus, the 22, doesn't run late either.) But keep letting your King County Council folks know what you are interested in (Dow C in particular) - there are always decisions to be made for subsequent years.

Christy said...

Thanks, Tracy. I know it was the fault of the original schedule posting and I don't hold it against WSB at all. You guys are awesome.