Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good morning, April

It snowed a bit today, which got me thinking about the first time I took my new camera out last December. Here's a photo I took by Pioneer Square, with a bronze statue lightly covered in snow.

I would say snow isn't typical here, but this year has made me reconsider my notion of "typical" wintry weather in Seattle. The day after I took this set of pictures my bus got stuck on the 99 on-ramp and then the following day the bus stopped running altogether. Those were a crazy couple of weeks... though maybe the crazy just never stopped.

I worked another 11 1/2 hours today. My start and stop times are mostly according to the bus schedule. Next week when the water taxi starts running later, I hope I'll be strong enough to leave at a decent time.

In other news, I hope I can attend a happy hour someday again. (but not this week) I miss those.

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