Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not that kind of green

I am in full-on money mode over here. The urge is always there, but I've been swimming in it lately. I don't normally allow myself to sink so deep on account of it being an obsession. A sweet, sticky, dark hole I never want to leave.

Yesterday I exchanged some funds from my Vanguard IRA (VFINX and Star) to purchase VGSIX, a REIT index fund. It was disturbingly satisfying.

Then I edited my budget text file for awhile, playing with hypothetical housing costs. I used to rely on fancy money-themed software until I realized Notepad worked better for me. I may have just decided to pay off the last bits of student loan. Or maybe not.

Then I bought 50 shares of a stock on eTrade. Nothing special. Just something I've been watching for awhile and the price was good.

I don't actually have that much money to invest, or even that much invested yet, but small amounts over time slowly add up. My only investment strategy is to keep chugging along, make the best decisions I can with the information I have at the time, and if I lose it, I lose it. It's just money.

Although it's a lot more fun to go full-blown money mode when there's actually some money to play with.

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