Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recommendations and see me at Folklife

Today I'll start with a quick plug. If you are looking for a mortgage I unreservedly recommend Rhonda Porter. She maintains a fantastic web site full of useful resources and has been a pleasure to work with in our house purchasing process. Of course we're not at the finish line yet -- knock on wood! -- but I thought you should know she sends personalized, video emails! Is patient and responsive! Extremely knowledgeable! (I might be a little excited.)

It was a big day. We achieved mutual acceptance on our home offer and scheduled an inspection for next week. I'll be handing over my earnest money check soon and plus we got locked in at a very good rate. (Fingers still crossed for no major problems.)

So far my experience with Redfin has also been very positive. Online I was able to narrow down the homes I wanted to see without commitment. Scheduling home tours was a straightforward process. During our three trips out we met with two different field agents and saw 10 or 11 places. On our own we went to another two places we found on the site. Today an agent sent me a clear list of dates and actions I need to take to close, and scheduled the inspection on our behalf with the person I chose. So far I have absolutely no complaints.

It's funny that I've never met several of the key people in this process, but based on a few emails and phone calls I feel like I can trust them to help me make the right choices. Basically I love the internet. I hope my controversial stance does not offend you.

Last but not least, I loaded the car tonight since I have to work late tomorrow. The only thing that hasn't made it in yet is product, but the booth is a-okay for transport. So we're good to go for this weekend's Northwest Folklife Festival.

Come see On Focus Photo Friday through Monday, rain or shine.

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