Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday update

I'm feeling a bit better today. Every so often my mood takes a dive, that's all I can say.

Our lunch with the seller went well. He cooked us pasta with a pine nut, garlic, and olive oil sauce. I brought asiago pesto bread from Great Harvest Bread Company, which was gooey and fantastic. I also made brownies, er, employed my super box mix skills.

Someday I'll have a reason to cook again. I dragged out a few cookbooks and set them next to me. Something about artichokes and goat cheese and chicken. I don't know. In reality I microwaved some frozen chicken enchiladas and stuffed my face with a handful of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

The sun is glinting orange on the black Bank of America tower. The horizon is peachy pink. I will miss this view.

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