Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunless Sunday

I've stumbled onto "Sky High," which is apparently about superheroes in high school. One kid is throwing balls of fire at another kid. That does not seem at all safe.

Hey. Wonder Woman just walked onscreen, after Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald and Bruce Campbell. Maybe this movie isn't so bad.

And... that's enough of live blogging the movie I randomly turned to after overdosing on HGTV.

An important follow-up to the last entry: I just ate a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie and it was good. Thank you for everyone who believed.

This weekend went fast. We met some new friends Friday night for a great dinner, hence the pie, and then I spent Saturday hungover on account of consuming massive amounts of vodka, tequila, and two kinds of wine. My life, she is glamorous. Also slightly concerning. And maybe too honest.

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Lily said...

Wonder Woman makes everything better. Wish I still had my Underoos.