Thursday, August 12, 2010

The gym part

The best part of working out at the gym is coming home, getting clean, putting on my pajamas, and sitting still. I'm an old fan of self-sabotage, so sometimes I won't let myself go -- just to be contrary -- and the next thing you know I've forgotten this feeling and it's nearly impossible to pick up the habit again.

I don't know why. Easily distracted?

Hey, a cat.

In full disclosure I'm not going every day. I try to keep it at 3 times a week and see how that works out. Just like the WeightWatchers admission in the last entry, I feel weird about being open about it, like putting it in writing will automatically jinx me.

Eh. It's time to try something new since not talking about it didn't work. I like to think success is likelier when you're flexible and persistent. It's also likelier you'll be able to touch your toes if you're flexible and persistent. Just saying. All sorts of applications.

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