Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water for Fun and Profit

Let's get public accountability out of the way. I'm down a total of 8 pounds in 28 days, so I've gone down, up, and down again in the span of time it takes a zombie rage virus to infect Great Britain. The WeightWatchers web site warns me I am losing too quickly and that I should slow down. And to that I wag my finger and say, Don't fence me in.

It rained today and my rain barrel is full. Cause, effect. You could say it runneth over even, right into the overflow hose.

So I find myself in need of things to water. Maybe I should outsource my sweet H20 supply to California. I could auction liter bottles on eBay and ship them via USPS flat rate shipping. Get rich quick scheme, here I come.

My car is in the shop. Apparently Jer was "concerned" about the "noises" it made when "braking." And the "worn tires." I say he's missing the point. My car is aging "gracefully." It has "character." And if I crank the radio loud enough I can't even hear the noises anymore. So, you know, there's that.

I am too busy building my billionaire water baron empire to worry about these pesky details.

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