Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two weeks in

This is going to be another WeightWatchers post.

On this, the first day of week 3, my motivation for a healthy lifestyle is waning. It'll be good to have the weigh in and meeting tonight because I could really use a kick in the pants.

I went to the gym four times in the last week. I usually spend about 30 minutes doing some sort of cardio. Then I switch to the strength training machines and free weights for about 20 minutes. Years ago I worked with a personal trainer so I mostly just repeat the routines he used to put me through. I'm easier on myself though, which is both good and bad. I'm starting this process way out of shape; I expect to build up to former glories in time.

I also had my first challenges this week. I went to a party, where there were lots of finger food options and booze. Over five hours, I kept it to the equivalent of a couple of glasses of red wine and had a few carrots with roasted red pepper spread. And a bite of Jer's cookie.

None of this comes naturally. I can't wait for this to become more of a habit and less of a constant conscious effort...

I'm not looking for rewards or sympathy. I'm just trying to explain what this process is like for me since maybe it will ring true for someone else as well.

Last night I went to happy hour and splurged a little, but was still well under my points for the week. One side effect of this process is I feel guilty about drinking because of the effect it will have on my metabolism, even if I have plenty of points to handle it. Awesome. Booze is one of the areas I need to ease up on the crazy or I *will* crack under the pressure.

I highly recommend this recipe for an Easy Enchilada Casserole. When I made it, I used extra lean ground turkey breast and added some taco seasoning to the meat. The whole site is full of excellent WeightWatcher's friendly recipes and is worth a look.

Two weeks down and I'm hoping for a two pound loss tonight. Wish me luck.

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