Friday, March 23, 2012

Clarion West Rejection

I was rejected from Clarion West 2012 by email last night.

I'm not sure why I'm not more affected. Of course it would have been nice to have been accepted on my first try, but between this rejection and being waitlisted for Clarion UCSD, I'm pretty fortunate to have experienced 2 of the 3 possible outcomes in one go.

This morning I feel remarkably free. For the last month I've been checking email constantly. I've been reading all the instructor's books and taking notes. My own writing has suffered because I've been so preoccupied with running the what-if? scenarios.

Obsess much? Heh.

I'm reminded of what's important here and my end goal is to get my stories published in professional markets. Clarion would have been a helpful shortcut to building a community, but you know I actually already have a community, both in Seattle and online. I've gone from no publications a year ago to being paid for my work. I've spent the last year participating in critique groups that used the Clarion method, so I already have that experience...Sometimes I even hear my critiquers' voices in my head when I revise. (That's not crazy at all, right?)

Of course if either Clarion called me up right now and said we changed our minds, would you still like to come -- I'd say yes, yes, a thousand times yes! :)

Because I'm not fickle at all.

Congratulations to the Clarion class of 2012. I look forward to reading your work.


Puss in Boots said...

I don't want anyone who gets accepted to take this the wrong way, so hopefully everyone can remember that everyone is different, and this is just how I feel. I'm not judging anyone else for not having my exact experience!

The thing that made me uncomfortable about major workshops, that stopped me from applying to any until I'd been writing seriously for five years, is that they take credit for your successes. Often it's inadvertently, via the collective attitude of the industry, and sometimes it's directly, like in a public list of sales by alumni.

My first pro sale was a story I wrote before I went to Viable Paradise. VP was amazing, and my subsequent sales were due in no small part to the instruction I received--especially in self-editing. I don't think I would have been able to join SFWA this year if it wasn't for VP in 2010.

But it felt really good to have that tiny reassurance that I could do this all on my own, that what I received from the workshop was an acceleration of skill development rather than some kind of talent injection. When people say, "Oh you went to VP" like that explains my sales, it doesn't bother me the way it might have.

I personally wouldn't trade that experience away.

So yeah, if they call you and say, "Hey, someone can't go, are you still available?" of course you should jump at the chance. But if they don't? Bust your ass to make some of your dream sales before next year. It's like knowing where you need to go and walking there instead of hopping on the bus. When the bus comes by again, try and flag it down, but you're a damn fine writer, and you'll get a long way with your feet...pen... Whatever, this metaphor is stupid. I'm going to stop while I'm only slightly behind. ;)

Folly Blaine said...

Puss in Boots: You're awesome. I don't get to say that enough. :) Have you been peeking at my to do list? Because "bust ass to make dream sales before next year" is the top bullet point.

Thank you for the comment.

Mark Andrew Edwards said...

Hey Christy,
I'm sorry you didn't make it. I honestly thought you were a lock. I'm glad to hear you're still on the waitlist for SD, though.
I'm in kind of the same boat. I had a rough, sleepless night and then I started another short story this morning. Hell with it, we keep going.
Oh and I got my 'Dark Tales' book from Amazon finally. I'll be wanting an autograph next time we bump into each other. :)
Keep kicking ass.

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Mark. I'm sorry to hear about your rejection as well. The only thing for it is to keep writing.

And I would be honored to autograph your copy of "Dark Tales." :)

SG-1 said...

You know, we've only known each other for a little while, and I'm thrilled to be a priviledged part of the community you've been building. I am your non-writing, kind-of-a-slacker, not-at-all- trying-to-be-published-yet, NEMESIS--and proud to be such. :-)

Folly Blaine said...

Sweet! My nemesis showed up. Now it's a party. :)

And thanks for the comment, SG-1. I'm glad to have met you this crazy year.