Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Recap

I haven't done any monthly submission recaps in a while--mostly because there hasn't been much to report. I have a few stories out and a couple I pulled from circulation because they're going to be workshopped at Norwescon in two weeks.

In the last month:

  • The first anthology I ever contributed to was released: Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations. My copy is on its way to me, but I saw my friend Nathan Crowder's book and it looks great. Can't wait to read the other stories.

  • I received Honorable Mention for a short writing contest.

  • I have a new very short story up at MicroHorror called Giblet Pan Gravy.

  • I have a brand new Amazon author page.

  • I've had a story shortlisted at a market.

  • And I was put on the waiting list for the 2012 Clarion Workshop at UCSD.

I've been debating mentioning the Clarion rejection, but since so many people are hungry for news and the email didn't say I couldn't talk about it, I figured it wouldn't hurt to share the information. I received the email about noon yesterday.

I just want to wish you luck if you're still desperate for news. Clarion has posted on their web site all applicants to the San Diego workshop will be notified by late Thursday.


Nicole Feldringer said...

Feh. Tentacles crossed that you'll have better news come Thursday!

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Nicole. Just to clarify, I've already heard about Clarion at UCSD, which is what's being slowly announced by Thursday.

I *haven't* heard about Clarion West yet, though the web site says those announcements could be made as late as mid-April.

Emma said...

Hi Folly - I'm on the wait list for Clarion UCSD, too. Hopefully we both make it in, huh?

Best of luck and also with West! (Crossing my fingers for that, too...)

Folly Blaine said...

Hi Emma,

I'm so glad you commented. It's nice to know someone else who is in the same situation.

Good luck to you. :)

- Folly (real name, Christy)

Emma said...

Hi Christy!

Yeah, I was sniffing around the internet to see if I could find anyone else on the wait list - thought I could commiserate.

If we don't make it (or into West - still hoping!) then maybe next year, huh?

Anyway, hope you hear some good news soon. :)