Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm a proud new member of the Horror Writers Association

Good afternoon! Since we last spent special private time together, I've been accepted to join the Horror Writers Association as an affiliate member and one of my shorts, "Pompeii is for Lovers," received Honorable Mention in the Flash Fiction Chronicles String-of-10 FOUR contest. I'm pretty happy about the Honorable Mention since it's the first time I've submitted work that's not speculative fiction.

Most of the rest of what I'm doing is trying not to obsess about various things I have up in the air. World Horror Convention is in a couple of weeks, followed closely by Norwescon. Sometime between now and then I need to write and submit a new story.

Saw John Carter at Cinebarre last Saturday and that was a lot of fun.

I also just survived my first visit from the plumber. The guest bathroom sink no longer leaks, which makes me happy.

I'm picking Jer up from the airport soon. He's been visiting family for the last week and it'll be great to see him again.

Happy Tuesday.


Elizabeth Twist said...

*ahem* pardon me while I yell:

CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful.

Glad to know John Carter is fun. So much looks like junk at the movies right now.

Folly Blaine said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. :D