Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello, darkness, my old acquaintance

I started Weight Watchers again.

I hate announcing stuff like this because it always feels like I'll jinx it, but there you go. I'm doing the etools version so for this first week I tracked my food and exercise online with only some slight modifications to my diet. I thought I was making good choices, but the records show that although the choices weren't terrible, portion control was an issue.

This first week I went over my point limit partly because I was more focused on making myself move again than eating correctly. This week I'm going to try to get within those limits and keep moving.

I won't lie. Sometimes I resent that making healthier choices is a lifestyle that lasts FOREVER. But it's past time to try again.

So yeah. I'm doing this now.


Rebecca said...

Good for you! It's a big decision and a big step. I say this as someone who is on the program for the third time. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, and sometimes I just completely blow it, but being consciously aware of the choices I'm making really helps me to feel like I have the power to make positive changes in my life.

If you ever need any support (I'm online only as well), feel free to give me a shout.

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I appreciate that. I admire how much work you've put into the program.

M.L. Falconer said...

That's great news Folly! The evil rut that I find myself in is so hard to get out of ... the rut where I know if I follow a workout regimen I'll have more energy, but I have absolutely no energy to start. I need to drop at least 30 pounds to get this weight off my recently ruptured Achilles. I too have considered posting my goal, even facebooking it, just so I have that accountability.

It will be wonderful to have your inspiration to follow while I face my chub demons. I can tell from the career you have and the things you have done, you are a strong woman and can accomplish anything.

Folly Blaine said...

Thanks, M.L. I know that rut well.

Starting is definitely tough. One of the tricks that seems to work for me is saying to myself, "Heck I'll just walk for 10 minutes and then I can stop," secretly knowing I won't stop at 10 minutes. Also, laying out my workout clothes ahead of time so I have no excuse helps. Once the clothes are on I feel pretty silly if I don't actually exercise.

Good luck with your own healthy journey. :) It helps to know other people are out there doing it, too.

M.L. Falconer said...

Ah, the inspiring work out clothes trick. I pulled on my gym shorts and a muscle shirt, and your right .... I felt right silly, so much that I actually had to lift some heavy weights just to balance it all out. lol. Thank you for the tip!