Thursday, November 11, 2004

An Addendum

BF's car got a parking ticket this morning. Stupid new street sweeping regulations. We're averaging one bad Thing per day, so this totally fits.

I try not to be -- it doesn't exactly jibe with my sophisticated worldview -- but I'm a pretty superstitious person. As an example, I ordered an Apollo medallion from an honest-to-god psychic website so that I could carry it around. I think it was supposed to bring me wealth and good fortune and prevent tooth decay. I'd requested the Apollo pendant, but the psychic -- who knew better -- sent me the coin version. It sits in my car, awaiting its nobler, grander purpose. It sits like a lump, sad and lonely, probably plotting my downfall.

I like to think -- it gives me comfort -- that the world operates on a principle of balance. So when Things go to shit, like they are, it's bound to flip flop eventually into something that's Not Shit. That's about as far as my hypothesis goes, into the realm of Not Shit.

The simple act of my telling you this, it probably negates all future Not Shit benefits. At least that's how the fairy tales and the fables work. You're not supposed to complain, but rather, suffer in silence, and then eventually you're justly rewarded for your ability to be a push over. Then the story trails off leaving you to suppose that the prince didn't have a wandering eye and that the young maid wasn't a hermaphrodite. But you know the drill. I don't have to tell you.

Yeah, I know. It all falls apart in the second act. And Apollo's just a coin.

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